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From Around The World - To Your Home

Nadeau was founded on the idea that great furniture should be attainable by everyone.

We believe in…

  •  soulful furniture that is unique and handmade, never mass­ produced.
  •  keeping our costs down and conserving resources by shipping furniture directly to a store near you, without the need of distribution centers.
  •  finding a perfect piece for every home, no assembly required.
  •  each of our stores building community as part of their local neighborhood.
  •  providing superb value in our products, through sustainably sourced materials and quality craftsmanship.

About Tommy Nadeau

In 1991, at the age of 22, Tommy Nadeau began importing beautiful furniture that he discovered during his travels around the world. After more than a decade of selling to wholesale clients across the country, in 2008, Tommy transitioned Nadeau to retail storefronts — providing timeless pieces with unbeatable prices.

Nadeau pieces are handmade from solid wood by artisans with whom Tommy has nurtured honest, respectful and loyal relationship with for all these years.

There are now 26 stores around the country and Nadeau keeps growing mostly through word of mouth, from one generation to another.